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Gutter Guard System

5" and 6" Gutters

Soffit Installation and Repair

Soffits serves a vital purpose to your home. It is located underneath the eaves, covers your rafters and connects to your home. Soffits protect your rafters from the weather and provides air flow to your attic (when properly ventilated). Soffits can be solid with vents or they can be vented throughout, usually called Lanced Style Vents. Soffits can be constructed from many types of materials and at Joey's Seamless Gutters we can advise you on the best option for your home. 

Fascia Installation and Repair

Fascia Board (sometimes called Fascia or Fascia Trim) covers the ends of your rafters and protects them from weather damage. Fascia also prevents animals from getting inside your roof or attic. Fascia board and soffit work together as part of your overall roofing system. 

Your gutters are usually secured to the fascia board and keeps them in place. Fascia blocks water from penetrating your roof deck and getting inside your attic. Fascia can also be made from many different types of material, however, wood fascia will need to be painted or stained periodically to prevent wood rot. 

At Joey's Seamless Gutters we can install new fasica or replace rotten fascia trim with newer material increasing the aesthetics or your home and preventing interior hidden water damage.


Slate Roofs

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