Commercial Roofing

There is a large difference between residential and commercial roofing. Both protect your property but a business, is safeguarding not only equipment and but your customers and employees.

It is critical that any commercial property of any kind needs a sturdy, lasting roofing system in order to keep the occupants safe and comfortable. Your employees and your customers need to feel safe for your business to run smoothly.

A roof takes a lot of heat and abuse from the elements. Preventing roof leaks before they begin is just smart business. Doing so saves you money by preventing damage to your building, your equipment, in other words your livelihood.

Different types of commercial properties require different styles of roofing, and Joey’s Seamless Gutters is fully equipped to design and install roofing onto everything from retail stores, to churches, to condominiums.

Some types of Roofing Systems that Joey’s Seamless Gutters deals with are:

  • Flat Roofs:
    • Rubber (EPDM)
    • TPO
    • PVC
    • Metal Roofs
    • Standing Seam
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Tile
  • Cedar Shake
  • Slate
  • Metal Roofs

Some commercial roofs require professional maintenance to ensure that the complex system continues to function and peak capacity after a commercial roof is installed, at Joey’s Seamless Gutters we provide all your commercial roofing needs to protect your business from Mother Nature.

Joey's Seamless Gutters

Joey's Seamless Gutters caters to residential and commercial clients. We offer seamless gutters in 5 and 6 inches and in over 125 colors.

Joey's Seamless Gutters services NorthEast Ohio including Akron, Canton and the surrounding areas.



Need Financing?

We offer in house financing to Remodel the kitchen, add a bathroom or finish a basement. Add space with an addition, or turn the master bedroom into a suite. You can also use your loan to save money by adding energy efficient features like all new appliances, new windows or a new roof. 

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