A good job starts and ends with a dry foundation. At Joey's Seamless Gutters, we provide extensive underground water remediation services.

Trenching Back Hoe

Drains & Basins

Standing water on your property can be both damaging and hazardous, we offer the following professional solutions:

  • Catch Basins

    If standing water has damaged your paved surfaces, a catch basin is a highly effective solution for re-channelling the water and debris. 

  • French Drains

    To effectively avoid the extensive issues caused by standing water, french drains are an excellent solution. 

  • Yard Drains

    A yard drain may be an excellent solution for moving standing water from the foundation of your home or building. This process is not as extensive as a French Drain, but is highly effective for appropriately sized tasks. 

  • Culverts & Storm Drains

    For areas near roads, culverts allow water to travel from one side of a road (or similar surface) to another. Storm drains are also ideal for paved surfaces, and effectively serve clients both residentially and commercially. 

Joey's Seamless Gutters

Joey's Seamless Gutters caters to residential and commercial clients. We offer seamless gutters in 5 and 6 inches and in over 125 colors.

Joey's Seamless Gutters services NorthEast Ohio including Akron, Canton and the surrounding areas.



Need Financing?

We offer in house financing to Remodel the kitchen, add a bathroom or finish a basement. Add space with an addition, or turn the master bedroom into a suite. You can also use your loan to save money by adding energy efficient features like all new appliances, new windows or a new roof. 

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